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Akella Mallikarjuna Sharma is an Indian Classical Music Violinist, Musicologist, Musician and Vocalist trained in Carnatic Music. He has spent over four decades researching Tala Prastara, an element in Tala Dasha Pranas in Indian Classical Music. He is a follower of Violin Virtuoso, Sangeetha Kalanidhi, Shri M.S. Gopalakrishnan. He has been a 'TOP GRADE violinist' in AIR and has several programs broadcast on AIR and Doordarshan. He has accompanied several eminent artists of the country, and has several solo programs to his credit. He has toured the U.K, USA and Canada accompanying Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. He worked as Lecturer in Violin in various Government Colleges of Music and Dance of Andhra Pradesh, and served as Principal for 12 years before retiring in 1996. He received an award of "Best book of fine arts" from the Telugu University in 1985 for his book “Talaprastara Ratnakaram (Telugu)”. He also received the TTK Award from the Music Academy, Chennai in 2010. He has written and published several books on Indian classical music.


msakella's Easy Methods

Master the building blocks of Karnataka music with our "Easy Methods". Understand the core elements of Swara and Laya in Karnataka music. Master Gamaka techniques using our unique symbolized methodology for improved Swara articulation. Free audio files are provided for each section to improve your learning experience

Sangita Vidyabodhini

A comprehensive guide to ace the practical aspects of karnataka music certificate & diploma courses. Learn basic to advanced compositions with detailed symbolised notations supported by free audio files to support you through the learning process.

Sangita Svararaga Sudha

A comprehensive guide on the core foundations of Ragalapana & Swarakalpana. Symbolised Muktaayi construction, mathematical analysis of muktaayi structures, precise symbolised ragalapana notations with audio files and a lot more core aspects are covered in detail.

Sangita Vidyalochani

This book contains 61 Karnataka classical compositions with swara(note) & sahitya(lyrics) notations and audio files, notated and sung by Shri. A. Mallikarjuna Sharma.

Sangita Vidyamodini

This Book contains over 41 Karnataka classical compositions with swara(note) & sahitya(lyrics) notations and audio files, notated and sung by Shri. A. Mallikarjuna Sharma.

Akella Vaari Sangeetha Vyaasaalu

Akella Mallikarjuna Sharma's insightful book delves into the intricate world of Karnataka Sangeetham, also known as Carnatic music. Drawing from his rich personal views and a tapestry of experiences acquired on his musical journey, the book offers a captivating exploration of the essence, evolution, and ideologies that shape this traditional musical art form.

Indian Genius in TĀḶĀPRASTĀRA

Unravels the profound world of Prastara in Indian music, elucidating its historical significance, intricate permutations, and practical applications, making it an essential guide for musicians and enthusiasts alike.


This book illuminates Indian Music's ancient legacy of 4000 years through 'Sangita Ratnakara,' a 13th-century masterpiece, offering insights into Talaprastara's history, definitions, and intricate secrets.

Systematisation of Prastara Details of Deshi Talas

The book delves into the Tala chapter of Indian music, highlighting the significance of 'Prastara' as the origin of all rhythmical forms. It presents the mathematical basis of rhythm, revealing authentic serial numbers for various rhythmical forms and offering easy methods for recognition, while addressing historical inaccuracies.

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